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Classic Kitchens

Beautiful fitted kitchens starting from £5,000

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Our classic collection fuses a deep understanding of British design heritage with today’s lifestyles – created to work in any size home. A classic collection for the modern day with timeless design appeal, you’ll continue to enjoy these kitchens for years to come.

Mornington Beaded

The mornington beaded adds an extra dimension with the addition of an elegant bead for an ornate elegance.

Mornington Shaker

A simple yet elegant design allows you to experiment with statement decor, such as eye-catching handles and decorative wall tiling.


Belsay is an affordable Shaker, creating a contemporary twist on the classic style.


A classic Shaker style kitchen in a smooth matt painted finish. Fitzroy provides an ideal canvas to create a quintessentially British, striking look.


Milbourne’s Shaker style is a true timeless classic. With the greatest choice of colours it can be designed to suit any setting.

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